Bank Janardhan (born 1948, in Holalkere, Chitradurga) is an Indian actor in the Kannada film industry. Prior to his film career he worked as employee of Vijaya Bank in Holalkere. He is best known for the comedy roles and drama roles in various Kannada films and television series. He has acted in movies such as News, Shhh!, Tharle Nan Maga and more than 750 Movies. He has also acted in many Kannada television serials like Paapa Pandu and others. He mostly plays the role of a supporting actor. Janardhan is one of the most famous comedy actors used in supporting roles, especially as stingy father in Tharle Nan Maga, and others. His combinations with Jaggesh, Doddanna, Tennis Krishna have gained a lot of popularity. He uses his partially bald head as a feature in most of his films, by slightly rubbing it, to create comic scenes.
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