Born and brought up in a small, remote village in District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, Ajay became fascinated with cinema when he first watched TV at the age of eleven. During his college days, he joined theatre productions and began his career as an actor. After graduation, he entered the TV industry as an editor, developed his skills as a cameraman and director, and made the independent documentary Upaasmar (2011) which focuses on child deaths due to malnutrition in tribal Maharashtra. The documentary was screened at various film festivals and won international acclaim. Ajay went on to pursue a master's degree in mass communication and journalism. While the majority of filmmakers launch their careers from Mumbai, Ajay has returned to his roots with the dream of developing a unique Pahari-language film movement. In 2014, he founded the production house Silent Hills Studio in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, which aims to use the power of cinema to preserve and promote endangered Himachali language and culture. The company also supports independent filmmakers by inviting them to shoot in Himachal, co-producing their low-budget films and providing free or minimum-cost production support.
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